• Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41
  • Riva Olympic Nr. 41

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Riva Olympic Nr. 41

oggetto da collezione

  • CHF 127'000.-IVA escl.
  • 1969Anno
  • buone condizioniStato
  • 6.55 m x 2.18 mLunghezza x Larghezza
  • 0.48 mPescaggio
  • 1'250 kgPeso
  • barca plananteTipo di scafo
  • LegnoMateriale
  • bruno brownColore
  • 6 postiPosti
  • 1 docciaDoccia
  • Entrobordo con linea d'asse (D-Drive)Propulsione
  • Riva Cris Craft V8Motore
  • 1 x 220 CV / 162 kWPotenza del motore
  • Senza piomboCarburante
  • 120 lSerbatoio combustibile
  • 1969Anno motore
  • 1'059 hOre moto
  • 71 km/hVelocità massima


Lago di Quattro Cantoni » Luzern

Altri dettagli

Riva Olympic from 1969 with construction number 41 for sale.
A collector's item with a unique history.

The boat was built in Sarnico for Marcello Lolli and used in Bastia in the Umbria region on Lake Trasimeno. On June 19, 2019, the Olympic, which has since been christened LISA, was imported from Nice into Switzerland via the Bardonnex customs office.
From the previous owner Benjamin Rothschild (he was an enthusiastic sailor), I was able to acquire the Olympic on July 29, 2021 after the death of Mr. Rothschild from his representative M. Chevalley.
The Lisa has been extensively revised and now shines in new splendor.
One of the special features of the Lisa with the construction number 41 is the paintwork in the Rothschild color. This is a very deep, intense blackberry tone. This unusual color has a fantastic effect on the LISA. Also the built-in hot water shower with 35 LT. Tank is unique.

Incidentally, the Riva Olympic is the successor to the Super Florida. The Olympic was designed by Carlo Riva in 1968, the year of the Mexico City Olympics, from which it takes its name.
Ideal for day trips and for water skiing, the boat offers space for 6 people. A total of only 274 examples were produced until 1983. This copy is ready for immediate use.

The price includes a 2-axle water ski trailer and an original Riva transport blanket.
If you want to register the boat in Switzerland, call us.

Pius Waeger
Weiherstrasse 4
CH 6353 Weggis
Phone ++41 79 365 17 41


  • Batteria
  • fanale di navigazione.
  • Ancora
  • Pompa di sentina
  • Telone completo
  • Antivegetativa



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